Now Enrolling for the 2019 School Year!


Good Shepherd Christian School

A Christian Preschool for children 18-months through Kindergarten in Cupertino.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide and support the development of the whole child -- spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically -- through Christian principles and the Montessori teaching method. We seek to lay a foundation for the children to know Jesus and to encourage them to be independent thinkers, life-long learners, and empathetic citizens. 


Our Commitments

We are dedicated to fulfilling our commitments for the care and education at Good Shepherd Christian School.


individuality & uniqueness

We realize and respect individual differences. Each child will be accepted as an individual whose talents, personality, and uniqueness will receive support as well as challenge. 



an environment of security and love 

It is our duty to prepare and to protect an environment which will give each child security and love.

The atmosphere of the room will be structured around the emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of the children.



enjoyable and rewarding learning experience

Learning should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and thus should not place pressures upon the child.


Our Programs

The purpose of our program is to provide a spiritual and secure environment with Christian leadership to help the children grow and develop spiritually, socio-emotionally, intellectually, and physically.


chapel time

Our school provides Chapel Time to give the children the opportunity to learn about Jesus through songs and stories. 


bible education, practical life skills, mathematics, language, sciEnce, geography, culture, music, and art

Our curriculum for both Toddler and Primary Level programs spans and interrelates the subject area of Bible Education, Practical Life Skills, Mathematics, Language, Science, Geography, Culture, Music, and Art. These concepts and skills enable the children to further develop coordination, concentration, sense of order, independence, academic and creative identity -- all of which develop a child's confidence level and sense of self-worth.


montessori-inspired learning

Our school also provides opportunites for children to grow and develop through exploration and experimentation with Montessori-inspired learning materials and age-appropriate activities. 


hands-on materials

Our stimulating, organized classrooms offer a wide variety of hands-on materials that the children utilize individually and in small groups, under the careful guidance of our well-prepared teachers.



stephanie wiguna

Good Shepherd Christian School is truly a gem!  My daughter struggled with separation anxiety and often had difficulties adjusting to new environments. However, the toddler teacher Miss Elise quickly helped her feel safe and comfortable. After just a few days, she was excited to go to school every morning and came home talking about her teacher and new friends. The student to teacher ratio is fantastic and I like how my daughter is exposed to Mandarin throughout the day. It is clean and very well-run with loving / caring teachers. I highly recommend it!


Tingting fu

“It was our first time enrolling our son in preschool. At first, we were nervous because my son is cautious in new situations and with unfamiliar people. But the teachers are so incredible that they made my son feel comfortable and adapted to the new environment very quickly. And the teachers and kids’ ratio is great, so all of the students can receive individual attention. My son is excited every morning about going to school. Now he is more social and educated.  We are very thankful to have discovered Good Shepherd Christian preschool. We highly recommend this school.”


elannie Lin

“I would like to recommend and share my son’s preschool since they still have openings. It’s called Good Shepherd Christian School in Cupertino close to De Anza College. At first I was attracted by the clean, comfortable environment, and it’s a Montessori based school. My son was almost 4 and never been to any daycare or preschool, I was worried in the beginning but it turns out he loves it and gets along with the friends there. He enjoys sharing what he learned and did in school everyday such as planting, art, songs, alphabets, etc. Also I can see the change on him, like being gentle and leading his little sister. It’s the first year of the school but they have patient and experienced teachers. Contact them if you would like to know more!”


jacqueline jain

“I have been looking for a preschool for my granddaughter in Cupertino for a while. But after I toured the newly opened Good Shepherd Christian School, observed the classroom and playtime, I immediately signed up. Sure enough, my 2 years old granddaughter absolutely loves the school. Her teacher is so encouraging and caring that she was able to quickly adapt to the new environment and thrives. She is so happy there that she often does not want to leave. Seeing her so happy makes me feel very happy too. When I pick her up, her teacher would give me a recap and the highlights of her day. Knowing that she is well taken care of allows me to do my work with a peace of mind. They also have various holidays potluck and events for the family so the parents have a chance to meet one another and form a community. The teachers have many years of experiences, and are caring and motivated. A good balance of indoors and outdoors activities helps the kids learn and stay engaged. They use Montessori method while also foster creativity. The school is right next to the Jollyman Park which makes the outdoor playground feels more spacious and close to nature. They take students up to kindergarten. “