Our Programs

Primary Program for 3 years to entering 1st grade: 

  • Through hands-on activities, asking questions and experiment provide kids opportunities to discover and learn to fulfill their innate curiosity.

  • Manners, peace education, grace and courtesy are introduced and practiced throughout daily routine.

  • Daily life skills, social skills and problem solving are learned through playing and interacting with peers.

  • Mathematics concepts and language skills are developed individually

Toddler Program for 18 months to 36 months (Toilet training included):

  • Our toddler program is designed to provide children with a sense of security and belonging

  • Daily routines and developmentally appropriate materials and activities promote growth in children's independence and skills

  • Hands-on playtime supports children’s creative expression, problem-solving, and social skills


chapel time

Our school provides Chapel Time to give the children the opportunity to learn about Jesus through songs and stories. 


bible education, practical life skills, mathematics, language, sciEnce, geography, culture, music, and art

Our curriculum for both Toddler and Primary Level programs spans and interrelates the subject area of Bible Education, Practical Life Skills, Mathematics, Language, Science, Geography, Culture, Music, and Art. These concepts and skills enable the children to further develop coordination, concentration, sense of order, independence, academic and creative identity -- all of which develop a child's confidence level and sense of self-worth.


inspiring learning

Our school also provides opportunities for children to grow and develop through exploration and experimentation with inspiring learning materials and age-appropriate activities. 


hands-on materials

Our stimulating, organized classrooms offer a wide variety of hands-on materials that the children utilize individually and in small groups, under the careful guidance of our well-prepared teachers.