BY Jacqueline Jain

“I have been looking for a preschool for my granddaughter in Cupertino for a while. But after I toured the newly opened Good Shepherd Christian School, observed the classroom and playtime, I immediately signed up. Sure enough, my 2 years old granddaughter absolutely loves the school. Her teacher is so encouraging and caring that she was able to quickly adapt to the new environment and thrives. She is so happy there that she often does not want to leave. Seeing her so happy makes me feel very happy too. When I pick her up, her teacher would give me a recap and the highlights of her day. Knowing that she is well taken care of allows me to do my work with a peace of mind. They also have various holidays potluck and events for the family so the parents have a chance to meet one another and form a community. The teachers have many years of experiences, and are caring and motivated. A good balance of indoors and outdoors activities helps the kids learn and stay engaged. They use Montessori method while also foster creativity. The school is right next to the Jollyman Park which makes the outdoor playground feels more spacious and close to nature. They take students up to kindergarten.”