As the name says it, it’s Good Shepherd Christian School (GSCS). This is the second preschool I brought my identical twin girls to. Without any exaggerations, it has exceeded my best expectations. My girls came here a week after their second birthday. In the past three months, not only have my children received well-rounded loving care, I myself as an exhausted mom was also shepherded with such peace of mind by the loving /caring teachers here. My girls struggled with separation anxiety in their first preschool, ate very little for lunch, and the nap length varied much. When they came to GSCS and joined Ms. Elise at the toddler’s class, they utterly enjoyed school since day one. There were no hard feelings on my side to say bye at drop-off, because there were no hard feelings or tears on their side, since day one. Their lunch boxes and water bottles came back empty, and the nap-time was consistently over two hours (more than how long they would nap at home), since day one. Every time I go to pick them up from school, I could tell they have enjoyed their day. And that happy mood they bring home! I was especially delighted to discover that my twins get along with each other much better than before. They have started to act more like friends than competitors. On several occasions, I caught how Ms. Elise help them set boundaries, express feelings, and use the right words as “please” and “thank you”. In the past couple of weeks, I heard from other parents and friends in church that the girls have grown so much in confidence, in character, and are much more outgoing now. I was glad! The first time they sang the prayer that they learned from school, I was thrilled when I understood the words they were trying to sing. Some times, they took the initiative to sing it before dinner. There were too much to say. I want to end with toys. The school employs Montessori method, and every set of toys is arranged in a tray. On the day I brought the girls to tour the school, Ms. Elise has already started asking them to clean up and put away the tray before reaching for another tray. What made me so happy is that one of my girls would never clean up her toys until a week ago. This is a silent “Yay!” from a tired mother of twins. As I am writing this testimonial, I still felt this is too good to be true, because everything literally turned around overnight. I don’t know how to explain any part of it, but only want to say “Thank you”! If anything, I would recommend GSCS with no reservation!

April Chiu